Rahmanullah Gurbaz, Afghanistan Star, Distributes Cash To Homeless People In Ahmedabad- WATCH

Rahmanullah Gurbaz, Afghanistan’s 21-year-old opener, won hearts with a moving act of kindness toward the homeless in Ahmedabad. A video that has swiftly circulated across social media platforms shows Gurbaz distributing cash to individuals sleeping on the streets, aiming to ensure their celebration of Diwali, the festival of lights in India. Netizens worldwide have lauded his actions, heralding his sportsmanship on and off the cricket field.

The viral video, shared on X, depicts Gurbaz walking the streets of Ahmedabad at 3:00 am, tenderly placing cash near individuals resting on the pavement, marking a touching display of compassion and empathy.

Gurbaz notably played a key role in the 2023 World Cup, exhibiting exceptional form as he built a robust partnership at the top order with Ibrahim Zadran. His contributions in the tournament amounted to a significant 280 runs across nine matches, maintaining an impressive average of 31.11. His performance included two remarkable half-centuries, boasting a notable strike rate of 98.94, earning widespread recognition for his cricketing prowess.

As far as Afghanistan are concerned, they did put on a spirited effort in the World Cup 2023 and registered wins against England, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Netherlands- defeating three former champions in their campaign. However, they still fell short of securing a place in the semis where India, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand will meet in two knockout fixtures- the four sides that they failed to beat in the round-robin stage despite coming pretty close against Australia.

Having said that, Afganistan have managed to secure a place in the ICC Champions Trophy 2025 by finishing sixth after the world cricket govering body confirmed that the top seven teams and hosts Pakistan will compete in the tournament. 

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