SL vs BAN: Angelo Mathews Becomes First Player To Be Timed Out During ICC World Cup Match

In an unusual turn of events, Sri Lankan all-rounder Angelo Mathews found himself becoming the first player in international cricket to be timed out during an ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 match against Bangladesh at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in New Delhi on Monday. Mathews, who was set to bat as the No.6 batsman for Sri Lanka, faced an unexpected delay due to a problem with his helmet, which prevented him from taking his position at the crease within the stipulated time.

In response to this delay, the Bangladesh team voiced an appeal. Following discussions between the umpires, Mathews, and the Bangladesh team, the Sri Lankan batsman was eventually declared out.

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The issue arose when the strap of Mathews’s helmet broke as he prepared to take his batting stance. While he awaited a replacement helmet, Shakib Al Hasan, the Bangladesh captain, appealed for Mathews to be ruled out. Once Shakib made the decision to uphold the appeal, the umpires had no choice but to confirm Mathews’s dismissal.

In cricket, a timed-out dismissal occurs when an incoming batsman is not ready to receive the ball, or for the other batsman to face the next delivery, within a specified time frame after a wicket falls or a batsman retires. The MCC rulebook stipulates a three-minute time limit, while the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 Playing Conditions shorten the time frame to two minutes. If this time requirement is not met, the incoming batsman is declared out, and timed out.

“After the fall of a wicket or the retirement of a batter, the incoming batter must, unless Time has been called, be ready to receive the ball, or for the other batter to be ready to receive the next ball within 3 minutes of the dismissal or retirement. If this requirement is not met, the incoming batter will be out, Timed out,” states the MCC rulebook. 

Notably, this is only the seventh instance of a timed out dismissal in any format of cricket, with all previous occurrences taking place in first-class cricket.

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