What an absolute disaster: Senior India cricketer deletes his post after calling Animal film a ‘disgrace’

Image Source : T SERIES/YOUTUBE Senior India pacer Jaydev Unadkat called Animal film a disgrace, which has been raking in moolah at the box office

Animal the film has become the talk of the nation since its release on Friday, December 1. The Ranbir Kapoor-starrer film has already netted INR 130 crore in India across languages in two days and negative or positive, the response to the film has had audiences thronging to the theatres to see exactly what the movie is about. Directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, who had a glorious success with Kabir Singh in 2019, promised everyone even more violence and he has delivered on that. However, the film has received backlash as well for the portrayal of its male characters and the treatment of its female characters and the gore and violence shown.

While many have asked the critics and those criticising the film to take it just as a film and not see it through their moral compass, however, the blatant misogyny and the mocking of female characters and sheer violence hasn’t been appreciated by many including renowned lyricist, writer and actor Swanand Kirikire and one of them was senior India cricketer Jaydev Unadkat.

Unadkat took to X (formerly Twitter) to share his review of the film. The left-arm pacer called the film a disgrace and criticised the misogyny and glorification of it and regretted his decision to watch it labelling it a waste of time. 

“What an absolute disaster #AnimalTheFilm was! Glorifying misogyny in today’s world and then tagging it as mere “traditional masculinity” and “alpha male” is a disgrace. We ain’t living in the jungles and palaces and fighting wars or going hunting anymore. It doesn’t matter how good the acting was, one shouldn’t glorify & show such acts in a movie that is watched by millions. There is a thing called social responsibility even in the entertainment industry that one should never forget. Just feels bad that I wasted my 3 hours to watch such a pathetically made movie,” Unadkat wrote in a post, which now stands deleted. 

India Tv - Jaydev Unadkat's Animal review

Image Source : JAYDEV UNADKAT XJaydev Unadkat’s Animal review

Animal is one of the most polarising films in recent times and now that Unadkat has deleted his tweet, any other cricketer watching the film, might not share his/her review fearing backlash either way.

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