World Cup 2023: Is it end of the road for England? Can Jos Buttler’s men qualify for WC semis?

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World Cup 2023: England’s title defence has been jolted with multiple blows as Jos Buttler’s side is witnessing a poor run in the World Cup 2023. The three lions were considered among the hot favourites to win the prestigious crown given their highly-celebrated batting style but they just could not click together. Skipper Jos Buttler himself highlighted that England are not able to churn out a reason for their shocking downfall. After their loss to Sri Lanka, speculations are rife about whether everything is over for the defending champions or not.

Can England still qualify for the semis? If yes then how?

In short, Yes, England are still in it but only just. The 2019 champions have won just won match out of their first five encounters and are reeling down in 9th place with 2 points. The maximum they can now reach is 10 points and if results go their way, Buttler’s men can finish as high as third place. Hold your horses for a moment. They would need many teams to favour them in this case. Every team has played five matches and have four games remaining in the league phase now.

Firstly let’s see who will England face in their upcoming matches. England are set to lock horns against:

1. India on October 29,

2. Australia on November 4,

3. Netherlands on November 8 and,

4. Pakistan on November 11.

What results from other teams England will need to progress in the semis?

England would wish not more than three teams to go beyond 10 which would eliminate any chances of going further. India are already on 10, while South Africa and New Zealand are 2 shy of the mark. However, it would be slightly better if they sail through without the help of a net run rate. For that, no more than three teams should finish anything more than 8 points. Let’s see what happens if all ten teams finish this way at the end of the league phase:

1. India win all but lose to England. India finish at 16 and qualify.

2. South Africa lose all of their remaining four games to Pakistan, New Zealand, India and Afghanistan. The Proteas remain on 8.

3. New Zealand win all their matches against Australia, South Africa, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. New Zealand go on 16 and qualify.

4.  Australia beat Bangladesh and lose their remaining three to New Zealand, England and Afghanistan. Australia stay on 8 points.

5. Sri Lanka beat Afghanistan and Bangladesh but lose to India and New Zealand. They stay on 8 as well.

6. Pakistan beat South Africa and Bangladesh but lose to New Zealand and England. They remain on 8.

7. Afghanistan defeat South Africa and Australia and lose to Sri Lanka and the Netherlands. They stay on 8.

8. Bangladesh beat the Netherlands but lose all their remaining games. They stay on 4.

9. The Netherlands lose everything except beating Afghanistan. They will be on 4.

10. And of course England win all of their remaining games. They will be on 10.

This way, England will qualify for the semifinals on the third spot with India and New Zealand being the top two teams. Five teams including South Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Afghanistan will all be at 8 points and fight for the final spot. Others will be out. 

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