Asia Cup 2023: When does ‘Reserve Day’ come into play during India-Pakistan clash with heavy rain in Colombo?


Reserve Day could kick in with heavy rain lashing R
Image Source : GETTY/INDIA TV Reserve Day could kick in with heavy rain lashing R Premadas Stadium in Colombo

The high-octane clash between India and Pakistan in Asia Cup 2023 Super Fours on Sunday, September 10 began with a bang as Indian openers were on fire from the outset. Skipper Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill came set from the dressing room as they defused the Shaheen Afridi threat with the captain smashing a six in the very first over of the innings. 

Gill was in some mood today as he was smashing boundaries for fun and was coming out of his crease against the pacers in a statement-making approach. Both smashed fifties but Gill got it first and quicker as the duo brought up the team’s hundred in just the 14th over. However, as the powerplay ended, both of them got slow and started working in singles and unfortunately for India both Rohit and Gill got out in quick succession. 

Virat Kohli and KL Rahul started the rescue job before the rain started pelting down all of a sudden, which even surprised the groundsmen, who otherwise have an idea that the rain was likely to come. Soon, the puddles formed and it seems it will be a lengthy delay. The forecast isn’t too encouraging but the fans will hope that the players can get back real soon.

Keeping rain in mind, a reserve day is in play, just for the India-Pakistan game. The reserve day will kick in if the match doesn’t resume or resumes and there are further rain delays causing significant loss of time.

When does reserve day come into play?

The match officials will ensure that the game gets completed on the original day, even if it means a shortened game. For the result to come, 20 overs a side are minimum. If that isn’t possible, the match will move into reserve day. 

The reserve day rules will be applicable to this game, which means the match will resume from where it was interrupted and will not have a fresh restart. Hence, with 24.1 overs already bowled, if the match doesn’t take place on Sunday after this, the second ball of the 25th over will be bowled on Monday. Thus accordingly, the match will resume from whatever the situation it is stopped on the original date. So, if the match is reduced to 40 overs, whatever overs are left in getting those many completed, only those will take place on the reserve day, i.e., Monday, September 11.

The reserve day is just for this game, surprisingly and not for any other game, a decision which was come to in the middle of the tournament.

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