BBL Footage Shows Bizarre Tom Curran-Umpire Face-Off That Led To His 4-Match Suspension

In a bizarre moment on the cricket field, Sydney Sixers pacer Tom Curran had an altercation with an umpire in a rare instance on the cricket field. While face-off between players and umpires tend to happen, what stood out on this occasion was the fact that the exchange happened before the start of the Big Bash League (BBL) match between Sixers and Hobart Hurricanes at the University of Tasmania Stadium in Launceston on December 11.

Notably, Curran was seen trying a practice run up but ended up running on to the pitch with spiked footwear. When the umpire tried to stop him, he attempted the same run up from the other end. While the umpire then tried to stop him, England all-rounder ran at him forcing the umpire to move out of his way to avoid collision. Consequently, Curran has been handed a four-match ban for intimidating the umpire.

Take a look at the video here:


What Does The Official Statement Say? “The umpire took position next to the stumps, blocking Curran from approaching the pitch and gestured to Curran to move away from the pitch,” read an official statement.

“Curran was seen in the footage gesturing to the umpire to move away from the pitch.

“Curran then attempted to perform a practice run-up and run at pace straight towards the umpire who stood in the bowling crease facing Curran. The umpire stepped to his right to avoid the risk of collision.”

However, the club has suggested that they would be appealing against the decision imposed. It remains to be seen whether the sanction is reduced after appeal from the club. In case, it isn’t it will be a massive blow to the third-placed side.

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