‘If You Think You’ll Marry Aishwarya Rai..’: Ex-Pak Star Razzaq’s Remark Sparks Controversy


Pakistan’s failure to qualify for the semi-finals of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 has left supporters deeply disappointed, with many former cricketers suggesting that Babar Azam should step down from his leadership role. Despite expectations of a strong performance in not much different subcontinental conditions in India than what they are used to play in Pakistan, the Men in Green fell short in crucial matches, ultimately finishing fifth on the points table.

Following their exit from the World Cup, several former cricketers have criticised the national team, with Abdul Razzaq being the latest to express his dissatisfaction. However, Razzaq’s recent comments have sparked controversy after he made remarks about renowned Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai while discussing Pakistan’s team performance.

‘If you think you will marry Aishwarya Rai and will have beautiful kids…’: Razaq Makes Controversial Statement

In a widely circulated video, Razzaq questioned the intentions of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)and the team management post their World Cup 2023 debacle. In his response, he used Aishwarya Rai as an example while highlighting his point. His comments were made in the presence of Umar Gul and Shahid Afridi, both of whom reacted by laughing and applauding, which further fuelled outrage among netizens.

“I’m addressing their (PCB’s) intentions here. During my playing days, I knew my captain Younis Khan had good intentions. I drew confidence and inspiration from that, and by the grace of Allah, I contributed to Pakistan cricket,” Razzaq stated as per the clip.

“Currently, there’s a lot of talk surrounding the Pakistan team and players’ performances in the World Cup. I believe there’s a lack of intention to nurture and groom the players. If you think you will marry Aishwarya (Rai) and have beautiful kids, that can never happen. So, first, you need to correct your intentions,” he added in his speech which appears to be at an event.

Despite the crowd’s reaction at the event, with laughter and applause from the cricketers on stage like Afridi, Razzaq’s remarks faced criticism on social media for its sexist nature. Razzaq, recognized as one of Pakistan cricket’s finest all-rounders, boasts a career comprising 46 Test matches, 265 ODIs, and 32 T20Is for the national team.


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