India vs Pakistan weather: How will IND vs PAK Asia Cup match be decided if rain intervenes high-octane clash


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India vs Pakistan weather: The much-awaited India vs Pakistan rivalry is scheduled to unfold in the ongoing Asia Cup 2023 on September 2. The two arch-rivals are gearing up for their 14th clash in ODI Asia Cup history as the Pallekele International Cricket Stadium in Pallekele is set to witness the two giants having a crack against each other. However, the Weather Gods are in the mood to play a spoilsport.

As per the latest Google weather update, there are 24% to 76% chances of rain pouring down in Pallekele on September 2, Saturday. It goes up to 76% around 11 AM, dips down to 63% at 2 PM and reaches 73% at 5 PM. It puts a question mark on the match and the result of the game. However, even if rain interrupts, the high-octane rivalry can get its result.

How will the match get decided if rain comes down?

India vs Pakistan match can still be decided if rain intervenes the clash. There is a one-hour buffer time for no overs to be lost if rain starts coming down. After that hour gets washed out, the overs begin to get reduced. An ODI game comprises a 50-over per-side game. In case of rain coming down, a result will be decided by the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method, also known as the DLS method. In a fifty-over-a-side game, a minimum of 20 overs per side should be bowled for a result to be decided. So, if a batting first team has played its complete quota of 50 overs and the other side has played a minimum of 20 overs, a result can be attained. But if the batting second team has played only 15 overs in their chase, the match will be called off. 

The DLS method is a method to calculate scores in a match when rain intervenes the contest. It comes into contention only when rain comes down. A DLS method can be applied after 20 overs in the second innings of an ODI have been bowled. Also, before the 20 overs are bowled in the chase, a DLS target is given to the chasing team if overs are cut due to weather. But for a result to come out, the match should restart and 20 overs in the chase should be bowled.

The rain also interrupted the proceedings between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in their Asia Cup encounter on August 31 in Pallekele. However, there were only mild showers in the first half of the game and rain stopped the play only for a few minutes. No overs were lost due to this delay.

The Asia Cup 2023 has already kickstarted in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Two games have been completed, one between Pakistan and Nepal and the other between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Babar Azam’s team registered a thumping 238-run win over Nepal in the tournament opener on August 30, followed by Sri Lanka’s 5-wicket win over Bangladesh in the second outing.

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