Introduction Of ‘Electra’ Stumps In BBL 2023: How Do They Work?

The ‘Electra’ stumps have made their debut in the Big Bash League (BBL 2023), following their prior use in the Women’s BBL. These stumps are distinguished by their varying shades and combinations of colours, indicating different decisions such as a no-ball, a wicket, a boundary, or signalling the time out between overs.

Former England cricketer Michael Vaughan participated in the unveiling of these innovative stumps before the game. Throughout the match, the stumps will display five distinct sequences:

1. Out – The stumps will flash red and then shift to a fiery colour.
2. Boundary (four) – Colours will shift in an alternating pattern, flashing all colours.
3. Six – All colours will move upwards.
4. No-ball – Red and white lights will scroll along the stumps.
5. Between overs – A pulsating scroll between purple and blue lights.

In another recent development within the BBL, England’s pace bowler, Tom Curran, representing Sydney Sixers, has received a four-match suspension due to a level-3 offence in accordance with Cricket Australia’s code of conduct. He was found guilty of intimidating an umpire. However, the Sixers have stated their intent to appeal this penalty.

The incident transpired ahead of the Sixers’ match against Hobart Hurricanes in Launceston on December 11. As per CA, Curran was attempting a practice run-up on the pitch during the pre-match drills when the fourth umpire intervened, preventing Curran from entering the pitch, leading to the confrontation.

A CA statement revealed, “The umpire took position next to the stumps, blocking Curran from approaching the pitch and gestured to Curran to move away from the pitch.” The statement added, “Curran was seen in the footage gesturing to the umpire to move away from the pitch. Curran then attempted to perform a practice run-up and run at pace straight towards the umpire who stood in the bowling crease facing Curran. The umpire stepped to his right to avoid the risk of collision.”

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