NZ Cricketer Rachin Ravindra Skips Idli, Dosa At Grandparents’ Home, Here’s More About His Diet


New Zealand’s rising cricket star, Rachin Ravindra, recently made headlines not just for his outstanding performance in the ongoing World Cup 2023 but also for his disciplined dietary choices. Despite being a fan of South Indian delicacies such as dosa and idli, the 23-year-old cricketer had to forego these treats during his visit to his grandparents in Bengaluru due to strict team food regulations.

Rachin, born to Indian parents in New Zealand, achieved a remarkable feat by surpassing Jonny Bairstow’s record for the highest run scorer in a World Cup debut, amassing 565 runs with an average of 70.62 and a strike rate of 108.44.

While in Bengaluru, Rachin took time off to visit his grandparents, Balakrishna Adiga and his wife. Balakrishna, a renowned educationist, expressed his joy in spending quality time with his grandson, considering it a unique experience. However, the disappointment arose when Rachin could not indulge in his favourite South Indian dishes due to the team’s strict nutritional guidelines.

Despite the dietary restrictions, Rachin’s grandparents were elated to see him and wanted to congratulate him on his exceptional achievements. His grandfather, Balakrishna Adiga, shared with The Telegraph that Rachin’s commitment to academics alongside his cricketing success is commendable.

During the visit, it was revealed that the team management tightly controls the players’ nutrition, with a diet primarily consisting of boiled vegetables, meat, and eggs provided by the team hotel. Rachin’s grandparents, avid supporters of his cricketing journey, were proud witnesses to his stellar performance in the World Cup, where he played a crucial role in New Zealand’s successful campaign.

A social media page recently shared a video featuring Rachin and his grandmother following the Indian tradition of “Nazar Utaarna,” showcasing the deep cultural connections that the cricketer maintains despite his global recognition. As Rachin continues to shine on the cricket field, his disciplined approach, both on and off the pitch, adds another dimension to his burgeoning career.

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