‘Responsible For Indian Cricket’s Turnaround’: Kevin Pietersen Lauds India Legend


Former England captain Kevin Pietersen said one of Virat Kohli’s biggest contributions to Indian cricket has been to turn Indian cricketers into athletes. Virat delivered a stellar performance, playing an innings of 77 runs off 49 balls. His batting heroics were instrumental in steering Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) to their maiden win of Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024.

“One of the things that everyone will remember and will create the greatest memories as a player will be him (Virat Kohli) finishing innings and being one the greatest finishers of all time. One of the things that he has done for Indian cricket is he has turned Indian cricketers into athletes, out and out athletes, and while doing so, he’s not just talked the talk. He has walked the walk, and you can see that,” Pietersen said while speaking to Star Sports on Cricket Live.

“When he is running between the wickets, his full commitment and his energy and his desire to be the best and he is the best. That starts before the field, that starts with diet, that starts with the energy he puts in the gym, that starts with the sacrifices that he has made to walk the walk because when you talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. That’s what all the other players who have played under you are following you, watch you. The turnaround in Indian cricket is because of what he has done,” Pietersen added.

Pietersen said that Kohli is successful in international cricket and at the IPL as he doesn’t let the bowler settle into a particular length.

“See, Virat Kohli’s greatness is how he throws the bowlers off his plans. Any batsman wouldn’t want any bowler to bowl that length to which he almost got caught in the first ball. The next ball he stepped out, he doesn’t let the bowler settle into his lengths. And that’s a mark of a great batsman. A great batsman will make you bowl to where they want you to bowl, they don’t let you bowl where you want to bowl. And Virat Kohli does just that and that’s why he’s so successful in international cricket and at the IPL,” Pietersen said.


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