Siddharth Comments On RCB Women’s Premier League Win: ‘Quintessential Moment Of Patriarchy’


New Delhi: Royal Challengers Bangalore made history in the Women’s Premier League 2024, winning the title with a victory over Delhi Capitals on March 17. The Smriti Mandhana-led cricket team finally brought home the trophy after 16 years. Reacting to RCB’s remarkable win, ‘Rang De Basanti’ actor Siddharth extended his congratulations to the team. However, a video capturing male RCB fans celebrating on the streets of Bangalore sparked a notable observation from the actor.

Siddharth pointed out that while men took to the streets to celebrate, few women were seen joining the festivities. Expressing his view on Twitter, he remarked, “A team of women won a tournament but not a single woman on the street to celebrate. A quintessential moment of patriarchy in India.”

Responding to some misinterpretations, Siddharth clarified that his comments were about the lack of safe spaces for women to participate in public celebrations, especially during nighttime. He said that his intention was to highlight the irony of women’s inability to celebrate freely in public spaces, even during significant moments of achievement.

Siddharth’s upcoming projects

On the professional front, Siddharth recently starred in the 2023 movie ‘Chithha’, which he produced himself. Directed by SU Arun Kumar, the film explores the aftermath of a man’s life when his niece goes missing, addressing the sensitive issue of child sexual abuse.

Next, Siddharth is set to appear in Shankar’s ‘Indian 2’ alongside Kamal Haasan, Kajal Aggarwal and Rakul Preet Singh. Production for the film faced delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic and an on-set accident in 2020, but it is nearing completion, with only a few songs left to be filmed.


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