What is slow over rate penalty in IPL?


Rishabh Pant
Image Source : PTI Rishabh Pant is the latest player to be fined INR 12 lakh for DC’s slow over-rate in IPL 2024

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has put forth strict rules especially in the last few years in the Indian Premier League (IPL) to address the slow over-rate issue. The teams are asked to complete their 20 overs within 90 minutes including two strategic time-outs (of 50 minutes in total). However, the time taken by DRS, injury and sudden drinks break is taken into consideration. But even then, if a team is unable to finish their 20 overs, then a fine is imposed.

So far in IPL 2024, only two captains – Shubman Gill ansd Rishabh Pant – have been imposed with a fine of INR 12 lakh with no other player of their respective team fined as this is the first offense. If any team is found guilty of not compelting its overs in time for the second time during the season, then the captain will be fined for INR 24 lakh and the rest of the members in the team including the impact substitute are fined for INR 6 lakh or 25% of their match fee, whichever is lesser.

 Now, for the third offense from the team during the same season, the captain is again fined, this time for INR 30 lakh and is handed over a match ban as well for slow over-rate. The rest of the team, in this case, is imposed with a fine of INR 12 lakh or 50% of their match fee, whichever is lesser.

The BCCI has been trying its best to make sure the matches don’t last too long as concerns have been raised before as well. The board has also introduced Smart Replay System (SRS) to solve the issue as it helps the third umpire make quick decisions and save time. This has already been evident on a few occasions in the ongoing season.


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