World Cup: What happens if rain washes IND vs NZ, SA vs AUS semifinals? Who will gain?


World Cup
Image Source : GETTY Players of the four semifinalists.

World Cup: The World Cup 2023 has got to the stage where things now matter the most. When the India vs Netherlands group stage clash is done, it’s time for real business in the business end of the tournament. India, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia – the four semifinalists after some taxing games in the tournament – stand two steps short of that ultimate glory in cricket.

The fans would not want the weather gods to play a role in any of these clashes as it would hamper not only the fun but also the result of the game. India and New Zealand will be facing each other at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on November 15, while the Proteas will take on the Aussies at Eden Gardens, Kolkata on November 16. 

But what happens if these two games are washed out due to bad weather?

If rain washes any of the two semifinals, there is a provision for a reserve day for each of these two games. So, if the result cannot be achieved on the original scheduled day, we will move to the reserve day – the next day to determine a winner. But there will be all the efforts to get a result on the first day itself.

There are a minimum of 20 overs per side required to get a result for an ODI game. If there is a possibility of those being bowled on the first day, they will be bowled. However, if the rain does not permit a 40-over action, the match will move into the reserve day from the point it was at the end of the original date. There are an additional 120 minutes for the clash on both – scheduled and reserved days of the clash in comparison to 60 in a group game.

Reserve day example

To clear the air on reserve day rules more, here is an example of it. The reserve day shall resume from where the play concluded on the normal day. Suppose the game is stopped at 25 overs due to rain and no game is further possible, we will resume from 25 overs and the game will be a full 50-over per side game. If the rain comes down in after 20 overs, the match is reduced to 45 overs on the normal day and there is no play possible, it will be a 50-over contest from 20 overs.

However, in the same scenario, if the match is reduced to 45 overs and the game has resumed on the normal day, it will be a 45-over per-side contest on the reserve day. 

What happens if reserve day is washed out?

Notably, if there is no game possible despite the extended time, the match will be abandoned. In case the match gets abandoned, the team which finished in higher place in the points table will qualify for the finals

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