Cricket World Cup 2023 Updated Semifinal Qualification Scenario For AUS, PAK, NZ, AFG

Qualification Scenarios ODI World Cup Semifinal: The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 has reached its final week, with India and South Africa having already secured their spots in the semi-finals. While India remain unbeaten, the competition for the other two semi-final berths is fierce. With Bangladesh and England eliminated from contention, Sri Lanka and the Netherlands are still in the running, although their chances are slim. The last week of the group stage promises exciting action for fans and spectators.

Qualification Scenarios for Teams Expected to Reach the Semi-finals:

New Zealand:

– New Zealand has won 4 matches and lost 4, with a net run rate of +0.398.
– Their final group match is against Sri Lanka on November 9th.

Path to qualification:

New Zealand’s path to the semi-finals involves winning their last match and ensuring their net run rate surpasses that of at least two of the other three teams (Pakistan, Australia, and Afghanistan) with either 10 points or the potential to reach 10 points.

If New Zealand lose their final match, they must hope that both Pakistan and Afghanistan lose all their remaining matches, ensuring that their net run rate surpasses both of them.


– Australia have secured 5 wins and suffered 2 losses with a net run rate of +0.924.
– They will face Afghanistan on November 7th and Bangladesh on November 11th.

Path to qualification:

Australia needs to win at least one of their remaining two ODI World Cup matches to reach 12 points, guarantee Cricket World Cup 2023 semifinal qualification. If Australia fails to win both their remaining ODI World Cup matches, they still have a chance, but then they must rely on their net run rate remaining superior to that of at least two of the three teams among Afghanistan, Pakistan and New Zealand.


– Pakistan have won 4 matches and lost 4, with a net run rate of +0.036.
– Pakistan’s final match in league stage is on November 11 against England.

Path to qualification:

For Pakistan to secure their berth in ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 semifinal, Babar Azam’s side must win their remaining ODI World Cup 2023 match (vs England) and maintain a superior NRR compared to other teams who are still alive in ODI World Cup 2023 semifinal qualification race, can still reach 10 points.

Alternatively, if they lose their last match, they must hope that Afghanistan loses their last two matches and that New Zealand loses their final match by a significant margin. If this happens, Babar Azam-led Pakistan cricket team will finish above AFG and NZ in ICC Cricket World Cup Points Table, based on net run rate (NRR).


– Afghanistan have won 4 matches and suffered 3 losses, with a net run rate of -0.718.
– They will face Australia on November 7th and South Africa on November 10th.

Path to qualification:

Afghanistan’s journey to ODI World Cup 2023 semi-finals involves winning at least one and ideally both of their remaining matches to accumulate as many as 12 points. If they win both remaining matches, they secure a spot in the semi-finals.

If Afghanistan gets beaten by their opponent in one or both of their remaining ODI World Cup 2023 matches, their net run rate should surpass that of teams like PAK, NZ and AUS if they finish with same number of points.

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