WWE RAW: CM Punk Announced As Guest Commentator For Seth Rollins Vs Drew McIntyre Title Match At WrestleMania 40


In a shocking turn of events on a high-voltage and electric WWE Monday Night Raw, CM Punk was announced as the guest commentator for the World Heavyweight Championship Title match between Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 40. The duo has been feuding with each other for a very long time, but have expressed their hatred in real life for controversial and legendary WWE Superstar CM Punk, who made a shocking and iconic return to the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) after a 10-year hiatus at Survivor Series 2023 in Chicago.

For all these years, CM Punk has been away from WWE after leaving the company on adverse terms but has found his mojo since his return and all these years, the WWE Universe has always been optimistic of his return and chanted his name constantly all these years. But the dream match up of CM Punk Vs Seth Rollins took a major hit, as Punk injured his right arm at the WWE Royal Rumble 2024, and will now be a non-competing wrestler at the Wrestlemania 40.

The segment involving CM Punk, Seth Rollins, and Drew McIntyre has gone viral and is receiving lots of praise from the fans and analysts around the world as their non-scripted segments are on fire and have created a buzz each time they’ve been on the mic in front of the audience on a live TV show of WWE.

Punk also gave the fans a hint of future match-ups with him dropping a bombshell on the likes of Roman Reigns and The Rock, and the WWE Universe went into nostalgia when CM Punk said on Monday Night Raw, during his segment, that The Rock has “kept his mouth shut” and that “his arms are too short to box with god”. The line goes back to the fued of The Rock and CM Punk in 2013, and with the repetition of the line, it received a huge pop from the crod of Chicago, as they have always been on the side of CM Punk ever since the legend stepped foot into the WWE.¬†


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